Our Solutions

Building on our expertise in Customized Solutions, Automated Solutions, and Integrations Solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of personalized services designed to optimize companies CRM experience. From simplifying internal processes to automating routine tasks and integrating with third-party systems, our Solutions are customized to meet the unique needs of companies.


Streamline loan management and analysis effortlessly with our fast, unified CRM platform.

To meet the needs of business borrowers, banks, and credit unions seek digital solutions that simplify loan processes and support scalability. While speed is crucial, effective risk assessment and team management are equally important for success. Our CREDIT.SOLUTION is a complete loan management solution designed to offer competitive rates, rapid approvals, outstanding service, and hassle-free closings. Everything is seamlessly integrated within a unified system, including all necessary third-party systems for loan analysis, ensuring comprehensive integration for efficient operations - credit history, salary history, etc.



The go-to app for loan applications, payments, and managing finances securely on the move.

Our mobile application, compatible with iOS and Android operating systems, enables customers to easily apply for loans, view active loans, make payments, and safely send information to financial institutions. Integrated smoothly with our CREDIT.SOLUTION, it offers an all-inclusive and user-friendly experience for managing financial needs on the go.



Simplify loan applications on any website and improve processing with our integrated solution.

Enabling financial institutions to easily integrate loan application forms on their websites. Potential clients can apply for loans without registration, simply by filling in details such as requested amount, term, and purpose. Registered loan applications are displayed on the CREDIT.SOLUTION dashboard for manual or automatic processing.



Automate client notifications for financial institutions with ease.

Our tool automates notification processes for financial institutions, sending reminders to clients about repayment dates, arrears, and more. It can connect to any database containing client and contact information, and be easily configured to send notifications automatically on specified dates.



Simplify invoicing with easy integration.

Speed up tax invoice generation and submission. Easily connect to any financial software and prepare invoices for easy integration. Simplify invoicing processes and make financial workflows more efficient with our intuitive solution.